San Augustine Public Library

Library Board Members

Our board is filled with dedicated individuals who care about the growth of the San Augustine Public Library and its role in the community.

Betty Oglesbee

Board President

Stephanie Kardell

Gaar Bennett

Tommie Thomas

Jennifer Lucas Smith

Mollie Haley Ethington

Tharesa Netherly

Rexciene Harrison Boyd

Mrs. Ann Nichols

Ann Nichols

Library Staff

Celeste McCary Rainey

Library Director

Mary Frances Burks


Tori Vaughn Brazeal

Circulations Librarian

Brenda Steptoe, Children’s Librarian

Brenda Steptoe

Children’s Librarian

Nancy Krone

Book Repair Specialist


Are you interested in volunteering at the library? Our board members would love the opportunity to reach out to you about upcoming fundraisers and other ways that you can help out. Please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you soon!