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The history and evolution of the San Augustine Public Library

In 1970, members of the Women's Service League began a campaign to open a public library in San Augustine County. The San Augustine Public Library was established in 1971 through local community efforts.

A previous effort in the 1950's resulted in a short-lived volunteer library located in the basement of the local Masonic Hall. Appeals from the Women's Service League led to the City and County applying for and receiving grants from the Library Services Construction Act, a federal program available at the time.

Using these funds, along with individual donations, the Service League rented the old Iona Hotel, the former home of Emmett and Ima Owen and began establishing the library.

In 1975, the building was purchased by the City of San Augustine with proceeds from parking meters. The library has remained at that convenient, visible location on the corner of Columbia and Ayish Streets.

In 2001 the library underwent a complete modernization and enlargement project. A much larger building and computerization of the Card Catalogs helps patrons of the Library find what they are looking for with ease and the Card Catalog can now be accessed Online. The link is above.

The extra room lends comfort to browse and read. And room for a greatly increased book inventory and a section for 8 adult computer stations.

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